4 Reasons to Get Adult Braces

If you’re anything like most Americans, when you think of braces, chances are you’re thinking of kids and teens. That makes sense, but did you know that adults are seeking orthodontic treatment right now more than ever before?

It’s true. And there are plenty of great reasons you might benefit from being one of them! At Wiesemann Orthodontics, we take pride in offering the latest and greatest to patients of all ages in Bowling Green, Russellville, Portland, and White House. A big part of that treatment includes helping adults just like yourself to straighten their smiles, correct old issues leading to discomfort and jaw pain, and more! Here are 4 reasons to get adult braces: 

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Who doesn’t want to love what they see in the mirror? It turns out that 25% of the 4 million new orthodontic patients seen every year in the United States are adults! 

And why is that? Well, one great reason to get adult corrective treatment is that there’s never been a better time to tweak your smile! Modern-day braces are nothing like you might remember. They’ve got stronger, more lightweight material, fewer cumbersome additive parts, and less discomfort!

Better Treatments, Faster.  

Today’s braces are considerably more comfortable, effective, and efficient than ever.

As little as twenty years ago, braces were much larger. They would often cause cuts and other minor injuries to the mouth and gums, often required cumbersome headgear, and needed constant tightening. The traditional metal braces of today are remarkably smaller, more lightweight, involve fewer moving parts, and require much less adjustment! 

Dr. Wiesemann uses a composite of stainless steel, nickel, and other metals that combines sturdiness with lightweight and comfortable material.

Improved Oral Health.

We don’t just get braces to look better! The little nooks and crannies caused by crooked teeth are a perfect place for all sorts of little nasties to brew! It turns out that no matter how well you brush and floss, if your teeth are poorly aligned, there is an increased risk of gum disease like periodontitis. 

Once you’ve begun a course of treatment with Dr. Wiesemann and the team, you’ll experience a complete clean regarding your dental hygiene. Your gums will thank you! 

Avoid Jawbone Erosion and TMJ 

Speaking of gums, it turns out that the domino effect set off by improperly aligned teeth can lead to gum loss, which can lead to a phenomenon called jawbone erosion! Eek! 

It’s just as bad as it sounds. As the bone of the jaw weakens due to misalignment, this can lead to adverse outcomes such as bruxism (grinding of teeth). As the situation deteriorates, you may develop a temporomandibular disorder, more commonly known as TMJ. 

This can make chewing difficult and lead to jaw pain and annoying clicking. Take it from us – it’s not worth it. 

4 Reasons to Get Adult BracesGet Leading Care from a Specialist You Can Trust 

Dr. Ryan Wiesemann grew up right here in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is why when he says that his patients are family, you know that comes from the heart. He’s helped hundreds of adults just like you grow into their best possible smiles by guiding them along the journey of adult braces. 

Our consultations are always free of charge, so give us a call, or better yet, just come on down today! We’re waiting to help you unlock the best version of your smile!